Artistic Statement

I am interested in dance as an expression of individual and community identity. As a performer and choreographer, I create work that manifests the interior emotional landscape through the outward reach of the body into space. I am interested in weight and momentum, in rhythm, and in the dynamic ownership of that moment of performance where audience and dancer are united in a hyper-sense of time.

I have studied a range of movement forms – tap, jazz, ballet (Cecchetti, Bournonville), modern (Limon, Dunham, Cunningham), post-modern, capoeira, bharatanatyam – and somatic approaches – Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, Irene Dowd’s functional anatomy. These movement techniques and performance theories combine to form a layered and sophisticated vocabulary that I utilize to compose narrative stories of kinesthetic characters, integrating skills in technique and performance.

I am curious about our hybridity – the idea that each of us are made from both inherited and chosen experiences. I am curious how these experiences shape our physicality and can be harnessed to create movement and performance skills singular to each dancer.

I want to keep exploring this space – of the present and the future, of a dynamic connection to ourselves, and the clarity of Truth that happens in the community of performance.